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St T I’ve found new ways of justifying unreasonable purchases by forcing myself to create side hustles. E.g If I need a new laptop…I’m going to become a content creator.
Mike Haber New notebook, so I’m ready to have some new ideas. This is particularly nice, super wide layout for sideways thinking 😎 From @thejournalshop
omar Kinda want to buy a macbook just to see how it is but like... the lack of usb ports is just 😐
Nad So, in our catch-up sesh today, my boss asked if I’d like a new MacBook Pro. Did— Did he— Should I go on private? 😫
ᴅᴇᴀ ʀᴏꜱᴀ 🥀 𝓕𝓻𝓮𝓮 𝓞𝓕 🥀 Would anyone happen to know where I might find a MacBook bag that is actually cute?
Tech Blogger Acer Chromebook Spin 713 review
ubuntushop Probably the best notebook + operating system in the world Full metal, low formfactor with 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processors. ! UbuntuBook 15.6 Tiger (€1175.00)
macbook Apple dongle Dan Nessler Working on a macbook without dongles is like leaving the house without your pants on 🤔 macbook Apple dongle
pen fountainpen Plumo24 Plumo24 sharing @ClementonicEm some great pen and fountainpen inspirations - Got myself a new notebook and fountain pen exclusively for copying out pieces by hand: studying the Old Way. No erasing mistakes in ink, you must understand exactly what you'…
macbook m1 macmini Cody I am not someone who has fully bought into @Apple. I have a macbook (2018) that I use quite often, but its not my main computer. Other than that, I don’t use apple products regularly. Today I picked up an m1 macmini. Here it is at 2AM, and I am still playing with it
Sensei The MacBook Pro Speakers are really really good
Mercedes First my printer was trying to act up, now my MacBook is acting silly! They both have me twisted!
City of Champions Be hella excited buying a new laptop until I realize I gotta set my whole dev environment up again 😭 I'm sure there's a better way. Or maybe just use containers
The Hustle God 🥁🥁🥁 The shop where to get your MacBook MagSafe 1 and MagSafe 2 chargers at affordable prices is @mcitygh . Get in touch with them.
MervBot Gotta set up the macbook I spilled all my stuff though
Alāna Except for the sick days but then you just wipe out the MacBook and boom you’re good
MCITY Ghana Your home of MacBook chargers 🔌. Get one of any MacBook charger at 220 cedis. Delivery service 🚚 is available nationwide at a fee
lynn°🍹 Not at sana broke a perfectly new laptop in one day😶
Out of Context Glitches Macbook air (2014)
Marsha P Johnson's Child If I don't go to fix my phone and buy a new laptop power pack NOW, I may not be able to do anything productive today and it's an important day!! Universe, do you thing!
Taggart Somehow, my wife has destroyed 3 separate keys on her MacBook Pro. It's impressive in its way, but also quite the indictment of Apple build quality
☘️pick me! pick me! badly need money I badly need Dell XPS 15 but I'm broke and I haven't been out of the house since march 2020, i feel im dying soon. @Dell pls give me a laptop. I'll pay in 30 years😃✌️☘️
Sameehan Apple: Your next computer is not a computer Also Apple: You still need a MacBook tho via @YouTube
MetroidDread Eldar Basic is a 悲しいゲーマー This *might* be my favorite voxel model I have rendered so far. Dread Samus really came together, colors were easy to work with and I was able to create her to scale which made making her 2D easy on the eyes (and the Macbook) Hope you guys like! MetroidDread
+Naudia Legit+ My After Effects cache when it sees my MacBook Pro storage
lovell I’m live on Twitch - Watch me at tried connecting my macbook air to have a facecam going but 😪 regardless we live 🔴
Leslie Gideon "I should get a new notebook!" I think to myself, as my stack of half-used notebooks gather dust right behind me, judging me
joseph applegate Omg i dont like this im.. gonna tweet on my chromebook
ManyVids Mama Violet Dawn $5OF/AVN/iFans/ManyVids 😈 Guys, please help reach my goal - New Laptop 😈💜 Find it on ManyVids!
nate bob Ugh if i could just sell this laptop and buy a macbook 😫
Izuddin Helmi M1’ed. No fan noise and heat throttling anymore like the macbook behind 🎉🎉
Alonzo Merriweather Just upgraded the ram in my new laptop, I should've went to school for IT. I am a genius, yes I am. 24gb genius
bax Me at my 9yo MacBook Air sounding like a spaceship after watching one YouTube video:
임마 ☆ 🎨 Bodek my parents to buy svt album because of my spm result, or buy new phone or new laptop for my studies AAAAAA i want all hehe
hersh💭 Nobody looking at that macBook
فرض إل آسمان إل زرتشت إل كافرا العمريان I tryed the macbook, there was not an single feature that was functional except third party sun java translation. i need to buy new windows machine and huawei internet for it. never again fall to apple scam
sexy nyamjewn Finally got my new laptop and im already so annoyed trying to set it up
F A R A H My MacBook Pro is finally here🥳
jd Is the 16-inch MacBook too much
Sarah C. Tech savvy friends: I just set up a new macbook from a time machine backup and now my storage says I have over 300gb of "other." what is this and can i get rid of it somehow?
McGuire Wood Let the record show that @MaxWinebach thinks Windows 11 on a Chromebook is a good idea
E K Ennin How much is m1 Macbook pro, 16GB memory, 256GB storage space?
Hip Hop & MMA Takes Bro do you really think Twitter knows who robbed your MacBook??
☀️STREAM PACMAN!!!☀️ | sea Wish i could work as an analyst or estimator instead of an engineer, bcs i would love to work with macbook:(
mouse chromebook virtualbox Ask Ubuntu Memes My mousepad stopped working on my Asus Chromebook C202SA-YS02-GR on Ubuntu 20.04
Outwest Evangelista 🐩 Need to gon head and get me a new laptop cause —
Brando Calrissian I’m one with the Chromebook. The 3DS is with me
paul_gardiner I thought the MacBook Touch Bar was a great idea. Then I got one. Likely the worst thing Apple ever did
ci Ipads useless unless u got one of them cases thats a keyboard and an apple pen. i want a macbook
eden My macbook won’t turn on
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