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Jesus If anybody wants to buy me a new laptop for christmas, that’ll be greatly appreciated 🥰
Jerred Shepherd Also today I learned how terrible of an idea it is to use a MacBook for training neural networks
BhainsBoliMoo I love my MacBook. A little too much.
gayℓe (cℓaudeℓℓe ℓee) My dad’s having my macbook fixed I’m
Dr.PhilJay Ugh my macbook be looking so adorable in its pink case I be like awwee
natalie My MacBook Pro was the best investment I’ve ever made
salami mami I just found my MacBook on the floor of my room. I hope this doesn't mean I kicked it off my bed last night.
Tiffani 🤘🏽 I need app suggestions for a macbook pro.
praveena. 🌸 Just downloaded sims 4 yesterday on my MacBook. today, after 5 years of working without even a day of giving up, the screen goes black. Which one of you kannu vekkiraanz ah knn
Chromebook ICTCapabilities creatively paulrayner 🚲 Great opportunity for Chromebook users, and others looking to ICTCapabilities creatively
NeNe Mf’n Favors Help! Writers!!!! Which MacBook app do you use???
dreaming of medicine I’m no hater but if someone even dare buy me anything g this extravagant after 10 years if he taking it back... you can’t buy my love if I want it I’ll buy it myself like I did my own iPad iPhone MacBook etc
Black Santa My wife swears this new laptop is listening to us cause I was looking up a recipe for risotto & when I typed "risotto that", "goes with salmon" came up. Which we were just talking about. I'm not sure so we're going to talk about necrophilia for a while & see what happens
Reddit Front Page Says Bot Aaaand instantly became my new laptop background.
Michie Frank🦕 I’m a Mac wizard. Old slow MacBook? I can fix that.
Aliyah.B ☯️ I want to buy a new laptop but I don’t know which one I want 🤔
k-luhhhhhhh😘 I’m forever calling it my MacBook
Catharyne Never using my Macbook's built in Outlook. I just sent a company 8 emails, all saying the same thing, by accident. Thanks @apple.
Gold City Media Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630 review : gadgets
FAHEEM AZAD Had all that refund check money and I never invested in a MacBook. Hate myself
Javy Good morning fellow living beings. My baby is finally on its final track to here! And by that of course, I mean my new laptop :p
VikingFirst TechMas andrea clutts Mrs. Hernandez's students using ebook ( to complete digital practice tasks. Also using extension on Chromebook to turn in proof of participation of mas practicas pdf tasks from ebook. VikingFirst @SV_Vikings TechMas A seller from Netherlands selling : MacBook
i like chicken Ukno my dad call macbook is macbook.
chromebook Hapara TIES18 Hapara Team Need help managing your 1:1 chromebook program? 💻 Hapara has the visibility, differentiation and analytics support you need! Come see it in action at booth 326 at TIES18
Sarah Hood Do you ever sit down to get to work and think ... you know, a new laptop would make this task so much easier to do... just me? I hate myself
desire 🖤 All I want for Christmas is a new MacBook Pro
hope Tweeting off my chromebook right now😎
Mabel Simpson Padded to give your laptop/MacBook extra protection. Available at the mSimps shop in Osu. Delivery available at a fee. Call/ whatsapp 0262990588/0262975266/0240902389 @ Msimps
Julian Xavier I moved up to the Bay with hopes and aspirations & I currently have a broken MacBook Pro, a broken iPhone, an ingrown toenail and aching body parts. But my mental health is great!!!!
Genesis ♡ I literally just bought a new laptop charger and now I need a new one. My life is amazing..
r I nearly dashed my macbook off my bed to make more room for my cat and if that doesn’t explain my priorities
pisiku We sell Powerbank|iPhone 6+|Apple watch|iPad Air 2|iPad Mini 2|Macbook|Multicharger|Just Check
BlankPages SimpleInspiration YesIStillUseANotebook L.S. Presley A brand new notebook always gets me going...🙌🎶💯 BlankPages SimpleInspiration YesIStillUseANotebook
Jed So just for fun I priced out a MacBook pro and a Dell XPS with the same specs and shockingly the MacBook was cheaper..... What is this new world?
Argin Aslanian Gives Surface Pro, Pixel Slate, iPad Pro a run for their money via @CNET
Hyeri Stan Awww man, two bangaws just landed on my laptop and started doing it. :’( As an Atenean, I must say: 1. Oof. Samedt. 2. Eww dude bro pare how kadiri, why in front of my jsec food!!!!! 3. Time to throw my laptop away and get another MacBook! 👀🤷🏻‍♂️🤪🤟🏻💸
ching keef I have a brand new macbook and I don't even know how to use it 💀
ᴀɴɪᴋᴀ ღ Dreaming about taking notes on my new laptop 😩
google chromebook marketing Jim Is it just me or are lines blurring around tech companies value props? Are Google Chromebook all day battery & virus proof true USP? google chromebook marketing
GATTI B At the end of the day, it’s just me & my MacBook.
Jenn My new notebook is great tho
Reelife/Folktography Looking for recommendations: What is the best video editing app for Chromebook?
Justin E. Harris I love the new MacBook Air 3rd generation butterfly keyboard. Perfect pitch. Hyper clickity.
Abdul That’s what I don’t get and they take out a MacBook like they gonna do work
Alice Berserker Santa Alter Uploading 37 GB of files to OneDrive so I can download 37 GB of files on my new laptop
RoMeRo 👨🏾‍💻 My MacBook 💻 trackpad is acting funny funny... 😩
Geek.0 5 reasons your Macbook keeps restarting and how to fix the issue
Iz Hello Twitter question: my macbook is from 2013. Is it time to get a new computer or hold out?
Lorenzo I liked a @YouTube video how to download fortnite for free on Macbook air/pro very easy
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