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TheFutureIsAccessible UntilEveryoneCanRead Chromebooks CoWriter SnapAndRead Don Johnston, Inc. TheFutureIsAccessible! Join us on Oct. 6, when @mmatp will discuss built-in Chromebook supports that benefit all students including those with dyslexia and dysgraphia. Register at:
VeganHenny I bought a $1500 MacBook from BestBuy for $800 because the box was damaged….. how’s your day going?
Young Achilles Breaker Imagine buying something at the Apple Store but you forgot your wallet and forgets that Apple pay is a thing. It's me. I left my wallet in Morgantown for a whole weekend and was in desperate need of a new MacBook
WellingtonCountyLibrary BacktotheBooks County of Wellington As school projects get started, get support from WellingtonCountyLibrary. Borrow a UGDSB Chromebook for eligible students, check out the nonfiction section, or ask staff for help. More information at
tats Am getting a new laptop on saturday and i cannot wait mine is literally falling to pieces
Chief Data Wrangler & Projectionist (he/him/Mr.) Co-worker: I want a new laptop. Me: <looking at all their support tickets> I'm not sure this will fi... C: I WANT IT NOW. MFR: Delivery date 1/15/22 Me: <lies down on railroad tracks>
J🪐rge Furioso Can't wait to get my new laptop!
dniz ☀️ Ipad pro and new macbook who????
New Account - Miss B. Haven Gonna take my bday gift money and buy a new MacBook
M777 Just lost my MacBook , Uni Will be interesting tomorrow
sour 🏴 Selain macbook the samsung galaxy pro 360 looks fooking noice 👀
rey ☆ New insecurity unlocked: saw this tiktok about everyone at my university owning MacBook pros with touchpads and I never noticed it before but now its all I see
katie Oops treated myself to a MacBook Pro
taylor Macbook selfies b4 class
whywbsd edtech chromebook WBSD Technology Here's a visual you can share with your students of common shortcuts used on Chromebooks. whywbsd edtech chromebook
➰ Tried to bake cookies and i got cornstarch in my macbook speakers can i get a round of applause
Auntie Gay For real though best buy gave me a free code when i bought a new laptop charger lmao so hmu
Rylien Roy I am really trying to get along with this laptop but this macbook pro is hard to love. I might just have to convert to Alienware for work and personal usage. This is the first time I am disappointed in an apple product
🌼⁷ | semi-ia If I sell my iPad I can buy concert tickets and then I sell my MacBook for flight tickets and then I sell my iPhone for food and shelter 🤪 All according to the plan 😌
Brad Brown In other fun news, today my youngest’s classroom was closed for 10 days because a cluster of kids tested positive, so he’s back at home on a Chromebook for a while. Yay!
sona Bruh i cannot afford the macbook i need lmfao
Michael Jones @ BFVR Labs I just became so frustrated with ChromeOS that I folded my Chromebook in half like it was a sheet of cardboard. Hope the rest of you are having a better day than I am
💸 Majesty Natalie 💸 Getting a new computer so I can create more hypnotic content. My MacBook hates all the special effects and editing, but I LOVE THEM. Get ready
Esther R I have android phone and MacBook. Until recently I could use iMessage with my email on laptop but texts all went to my phone. Now ppl are imsging my cell and it's going only to my laptop. Helppp
Yugyeom’s Person Oh wow, I just got selected to receive a grant. Will definitely be applying it to the new MacBook that I so desperately need once it is available but I probably won’t be able to use it until the end of the semester
TM. Let’s combine our coins and get username @/tb_mogorosi a new laptop. 🕯😭
Cult of Mac Don’t expect mini-LED MacBook Air before fall 2022 by @edfromfreelance
gi$$elle 🤍 My work laptop came in but it ain’t no MacBook 😞
big dog Railing a concerta and booting up my Macbook Air to catch the next pixel-art-spongebob-skull-and-cross-bones community meetup
CadillacLiam (リアム) I need to buy a new laptop ugh
Millcreek Township School District Be sure to check out our NEW School Device Coverage Available! Chromebook Insurance Signs-Ups EXTENDED through Friday, October 8, 2021! For more information click below
mudarris👳🏿‍♀️ aka simplicty My friends friend guy got her an iphone 13 today and macbook air yesterday 😢
Barton-Lexa SD Barton High School students will take their 1st periodic assessment tomorrow, 9/28/21. We encourage all students to get a good nights rest and be at school on time with their Chromebook charged. Thank you and good luck students!
kib I kinda wanna see what a flagship laptop made for a specific linux distro would look and feel like like what if elementaryOS had its own macbook equivalent or if gnome was its own distro and had its own laptop, what would that be like
🖤🧡🖤Your Ghostess, Spencer 🖤🧡🖤 LEGIT hating my AirPods Max right now. Cannot get them to stop pairing with my MacBook and to pair with my phone
marie I am obliged to get a new MacBook because I can’t install the apps I want to install bc my MacBook is too old and the apps are only supporting the M1 ones
Olivia🧜‍♀️ New notebook and bookmark ♡
chromebook happybirthdaygoogle googledevice Today is Google's 23rd birthday 🎈🥳🎁🎂 Why not treat yourself to a Chromebook to celebrate or perhaps get your current Chromebook serviced or updated. Call us today and find out how we can help your computer needs chromebook happybirthdaygoogle googledevice In case you missed it: Redesigned MacBook Air with new M-series silicon slated to enter mass production in Q3 2022
Pat Needham My MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2013) still has enough left for a new project or two I bet
ً Had a macbook air but i sent to my boyfriend. also delete this. i am a poor
Yasanga Wijekoon Purchased an Acer B243HL to use as an extension on the MacBook. Frustrated with overscaling when connected with hdmi 🙄. Can somebody help?
L.T. ✨ I’m a stop being cheap & buy my MacBook for my bday. I really want to buy a cookies x stundenglass gravity hookah tho 🥴
Bʀᴜɪɴ✝️💫☔️ Im on a chromebook cuz im doing school but imagine a smiling emoji.
writing writingcommunity writinglife writerlife InspireFirst Mac or Chromebook: The Definitive Best Laptop for Writers List [2020]
Maybe ꓘardi:🍏 I️ really need to find my darn MacBook charger!
NV Idk why my MacBook taking 2 weeks to come. i need it now sha
Nicolas Diolez Thanks! The Arc looks nice like that, the MacBook is the perfect base for it :)
virt 🐀 5 DAYS I think my teacher just saw me looking for marcanne frames to schedule for the daily marcanne account on my chromebook
evoredy My dell xps 13 9365 runs a lot zippier since the last bios update and touchscreen failure! yay!
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