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Dr. Joseph Frusci Why you should be using secure DNS on your Chromebook via @ZDNet
Sapph New me, new laptop
Apple freekdog Apple Safari vs chrome both latest versions in M1 MacBook Pro Speedometer 2.0 test result
Aryan I got a new laptop with 8 cores 16 thread processor with rtx 3060 graphics and i installed MinGW compiler first on it... Rituals🤌🤌
andy My asus laptop is crumbling this is my sign to force my parents to buy a macbook
ichi ✨busy sa thesis era✨ Hello! My commissions are open❤️ Im in need of funds to buy a new laptop to use in my practicums. I have five slots open. share and retweets are much appreciated!!
 DAN  Such a great game. Warped Kart racing on Apple Arcade. Love that I can play it on my phone, iPad, MacBook & Apple TV
David Nott Finally had the M1 MacBook Air run out of battery on me. Not because I found it’s limit or pushed it too hard. It’s that I’ve become conditioned to hardly ever needing to charge it and totally forgot for about a week
JJ 🌷 igni spoilers kinda My dad watching me type on the chromebook thinking im writing a 5-page essay but in reality it's cypress lore
Jean Claude. 🎯 Got indoors and did it from the MacBook instead. People please delete the Quickbooks app and mobile web version. Missing major features included in the price kmt 🫠
LeBor I haven't opened my MACBOOK in years but it just charged I think and hope it turns on )
My Prime Minister is corrupt The joke's on you I got a MacBook😂
CompareVPNs How to easily install VPN application on Chromebook - MobiGyaan If you are someone who takes privacy protection seriously and uses VPN to protect the identity and web traffic, then you might not be able to have a 
Linda Greene Apple to choose India over China for production ** What’s wrong with the good ol’ USA? **
MorganNerdz 🎮🔈👓👩🏾‍🦽 Krita on Chromebook needs a solution for rendering MP4 animations since FFMPEG doesn't WORK on them 😭😭😭😭
Tina New laptop feels
i- My Macbook Pro. I wonder how she’s doing. I hope she’s alright. 🥹
mai marne wala hu Told my parents ki college mai Jane ke baad ya to Naya phone aur naya laptop dila to and they said ki ek hi milega ....and then I asked for macbook ...and they said yesss ....gwad aaj Kitna acha din jara hai !😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
MOTOMBO✊🏾 I have to get a new iPhone screen n generator, days after I just got my kid bro a new laptop. I'm tired tired fr
Aeva Black is tired Watching the power consumption on my new laptop all week and ... not thrilled with the ZFS performance. might rebuild it during the long flight home tomorrow?
Jen ❀ Does anyone have experience with sims 4 on the M1 macbook air?
Just Pasha I got a MacBook Pro 2021 and I’m in love with how fast I can edit without any lags 😍 AND it’s portable. 10/10 would recommend! (Still learning a while new Mac OS stuff tho)
akai-san minum bourbon 🥃 Hoyoverse please sponser me a new laptop so that i can play genshin in peace 😭🙏🏻 My chromebook keeps playing fukashigi no karte how do i stop it
Mika Best thing my parents did was get me the new macbook 14 inch, my god it's a powerhouse
Shammah I will get a new laptop soon in Jesus name 🤲🤲😫 I'll come back to quote this tweet This laptop has shown me pepper
Janessa // i’m downloading sims 4 on my new laptop tell me why it says it’ll take 15 hours to be done 😃 help
mooshe😇🧛🏻💋 Apple pie by Travis Scott is fr one of the best songs ever, I have so much nostalgia from when my older brother was playing it and every other song off rodeo on repeat in 2015 on his chromebook that he had from school, forever grateful I have a brother who knows music😹😹🐐
aurora♡ is actually matilda Is an iPad pro enough for college or should I get a MacBook? Like if I were to use JUST an iPad would it be sufficient? /gen
陳諾 MacBook Pro stage light lawsuit dismissed; court said Apple didn't have to disclose the flaw via @benlovejoy
hellorocco IPad, MacBook, still don't feel like my life is together
nick Coming off private bc i no longer work for Copmona College
Semi-official Charitibundi Bowl Cartographer Mom is looking for a new laptop. Mostly photos and web-based stuff. Anyone got recs?
Pavel Nosok Judge: Apple Has No Duty to Disclose Cause of MacBook’s ‘Stage Light’ Display Defect
Velvet🌻🌱 FACE THE SUN🌞 Svt becoming a top group a year in their career too like that's crazy when they just had a macbook and 5 dollars
Niy. Gonna cost me $600 to fix my MacBook. Feel like I may as well get a new one
Doctor Fun Phd, Attorney at Law My old computer has been dying for months, so my boss bought me a new MacBook to thank me for my work at the station. Almost cried in front of the whole company
100% PESTICIDE Tonight, you ask? Installing Linux on a MacBook, the most vile act there is
Szymon Chaber I just bought my very first MacBook (previously employer-funded) I guess I'm really all in, founding-wise 🏎
who? The fingerprint feature on the MacBook is 🤌🏾
Sunny Chapman Lif changing info .for Macbook users...
That Girl 💅🏾🤍 Anybody wanna buy me a new laptop for school? 🥲
SANKIT Taak Things that sweet takeoff granted. MacBook Phone act, even an Internet connection is is Alexis majority of the world. Appreciate what you have. You'd like whatever resources you have for the coolest. You are lucky you are a privilege, privilege
nana✘ia 📚 Guys I'm going to download the voting apps on my new laptop bcs i don't have anymore storage on my phone pls give me all of the apps i should have so i won't miss any I keep coming back to Manjaro. Today I'm creating a Manjaro laptop out of and EOL'd chromebook: asus c302 (codename cave). Yep. I'm building a ManCave :)
IKENNA I Must buy a New Laptop before the End of June So Help me God
Mia Getting a new notebook is FAR too thrilling. haven’t even finished the last 5 notebooks but i got 2 new ones
christmasgifthour X Christmas Gifts Native Union Stow Slim for MacBook sleeve features an easy-access magnetic closure
Emma Right. Can anyone tell me why the hell my new Chromebook won’t connect to the internet unless I’m in guest mode? Anyone else had this issue or are you all just swanning around with MacBooks?😂 (I miss mine)
L.J. I need my MacBook to complete an assignment due Sunday & my professor hasn’t emailed me yet about a workaround for my iPad. I’m stressed. 😭