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Aug 24, 2009

MSI X600 Ultraportable Notebook Is Available

MSI X600

MSI Computer is excited to announce the availability of the ultra-slim 15.6" MSI X600 Notebook. The X600 notebook weighs just 5.5 pounds, is only.98 inches thick at its widest point, and is now available for only $899.99 MSRP. The X600 features the Intel® ULV CPU, which uses 1/6th the power of a regular mobile CPU. The X600 also ships with an MSI external optical drive, allowing users to view DVDs on the X600’s HD LCD that features a 16:9 aspect ratio and 1366x768 resolution.

The X600’s crystal clear display is partnered with an ATI HD 4330 Graphics card to deliver brilliant images and video…

Aug 13, 2009

MSI Computer Launches Five New C-Series Notebooks


MSI Computer is excited to announce the five newest editions to its Classic C Series Line of Notebooks – the CX600, CX700, CR600-013, CR600-017 and CR700. The 600 models are lightweight 16 inch notebooks that weigh in at just 5.4 pounds and are only 1.18 inches thick – 20 percent thinner than the average 16 inch notebook. The 700 models are 17.3 inches and weighs just over 6 pounds. These trendy laptops feature a striking design with clean lines and 45 degree angled edges. All five models feature MSI’s Color Film Print Technology, which creates vivid designs when the unique surface interacts with ambient light…

Apr 1, 2009

MSI Announces Full Specs On The New Wind U123 And The X320 And X340 X-Slim Notebooks

MSI U123

MSI Computer is excited to release the full specifications of the new Wind U123 and the X320 & X340 X-Slim Notebooks. The new Wind model is MSI’s first to offer a 3G solution and a TV Tuner, and features the powerful new Intel® Atom™ 1.66 GHz N280 processor.

Like its award winning predecessors, the Wind U123 offers users an ergonomically designed keyboard and touch pad for comfortable typing and an enlarged 10.2” LCD display perfect for browsing without squinting…

Mar 2, 2009

MSI Launches GT725 - World’s First Gaming Notebook To Feature Ati Radeon HD4850 And Delivers Desktop Gaming Performance With A Single GPU


MSI Computer is excited to announce the GT725 Gaming Notebook. MSI outfitted the GT725 with Intel® Centrino® 2 Processor Technology (Intel® 45nm Penryn P9500), the ATi Radeon HD4850 video card, a Blu-ray player and a 17” 1080P HD LCD to create the ultimate mobile gaming experience…

Jan 26, 2009

MSI Releases New GT627 Gaming Notebook Featuring Nvidia Geforce 9800M GS


MSI Computer is pleased to announce the newest addition to its Gaming Notebook Series – GT627. The new GT627 is the first in the MSI Gaming Notebook series to feature the NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GS graphics processing unit (GPU). This revolutionary GPU delivers blazing-fast mobile gaming and supports NVIDIA CUDA™ technology enabling MSI customers to experience the wide range of CUDA-based applications—such as heart-stopping GPU-accelerated game physics and video conversion. The GeForce 9800M GS also saves power and increases computing efficiently by handling video decoding, allowing the CPU to focus on other tasks…

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